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The Lover of the Devil Poster

The Lover of the Devil

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The Lover of the Devil Story

Consists of a collection of four short stories.

Story 1)
The main girl gets entangled with a guy well-known as, "The Devil". After he saves her from the grasp of some guys she got into trouble with, a contract is made. As part of the contract, she belongs to the "Devil." What will become of this poor girl? Dinner for the devil himself? Or will she find something else?

Story 4)
Tsubasa has gotten tickets to Daita's magic show...but she's lost them! She desperately wants to see the Prince of Magic, so she sneaks in backstage to attend it! However, things don't always work out, she runs into Daita, the magician himself catches her, and to keep him quiet, she agrees to be his assistant for the time being.

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