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Shokubutsu Zukan

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Shokubutsu Zukan Story

Also khown as:



Honey B


Fuji no Yamai




Shokubutsu Zukan




Yubiwa Monogatari


The Tale of the Ring


Undying Illness



From ShoujoMagic:
A collection of short shounen-ai stories by Mizushiro Setona, all connected by the theme of plantlife.
[STORY 01] (English Title) Breakfast (Japanese Title) ブレックファスト (Romaji Title) Burekkufasuto: The tale of a boy who displays the symptoms of man-eating syndrome.
[STORY 02] (English Title) The Tale of the Ring (Japanese Title) 指輪物語 (Romaji Title) Yubiwa Monogatari: The tale of two boys who are dating each other and mutually hiding the fact that both are dating their teacher, who frets because a ring has been lost.
[STORY 03] (Japanese Title) Honey β: The tale of a flower that blooms by inhaling memories. But even if our memories are taken from us, some precious things are never forgotten. "I don't fear losing my memory if I can feel this way again tomorrow..."
[STORY 04] (English Title) Undying Illness (Japanese Title) フジノヤマイ (Romaji Title) Fuji no Yamai See "Mister Mermaid," story 2.
[STORY 05] (English Title) Aconite (Japanese Title) トリカブト (Romaji Title) Torikabuto

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