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Retro BL Story

Also khown as:

Retro BL



Taishou romance, unfastened hakama, love and unnoticed postwar fraternity... A BL of disheveled men. Is a tainted, bewitching world.

Chapter list:
1. Hako no Naka no Ittosei (The First Star In The Box) – Shimaji
2. Himegoto Renbo (Secret Love) – Tokishiba
3. Kusuri mo Sugireba Koi to Naru (Too Much Medicine Turns To Love) – Haruta
4. Kawataredoki no Yume (Dream At Dusk) – Mayama Rika
5. Haru ni shitataru (Dripping into spring) – Yukimichi Ouji

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A: No, The entire site is fan-made.

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