• DoS Obake ga Nekasetekurenai
    Yuuji has always fallen for straight guys and the person he currently has feelings for is getting married. Just when things couldn’t get any worse he gets raped by a ‘sexual ghost’, it’s said that this type of ghost only haunts sexually frustrated people, which in this case happens to be Yuuji. What will become of poor Yuuji after Kousuke the ghost confesses to falling for him?

    Updated: 2023-02-26
  • Koibito Kakin
    Katou is a virgin weeb who is also highly obsessed with romance visual novel games. As he strides his way towards full completion, he finds himself facing a totally new character – who happens to be a man!
    While Katou struggles to achieve his full completion challenge, a service ticket arrives on his doorstep one fine day. Confused, he follows the instruction on the ticket, heading towards the meeting point, just to find out that the person who is supposed to meet him looks exactly the same as the pretty male character he’s been trying to challenge in his game…?

    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Retro BL
    • HAREYA
    • Complete
    • 4 chapters
    Taishou romance, unfastened hakama, love and unnoticed postwar fraternity... A BL of disheveled men. Is a tainted, bewitching world.

    Chapter list:
    1. Hako no Naka no Ittosei (The First Star In The Box) – Shimaji
    2. Himegoto Renbo (Secret Love) – Tokishiba
    3. Kusuri mo Sugireba Koi to Naru (Too Much Medicine Turns To Love) – Haruta
    4. Kawataredoki no Yume (Dream At Dusk) – Mayama Rika
    5. Haru ni shitataru (Dripping into spring) – Yukimichi Ouji
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Yagi to Ookami no Hatsujou Jijou
    From Yaoi Sekai:

    “To me, you’re also a woman.”
    A cocky sadist with dual personality “Goat” and a head-strong delinquent “Wolf”. One’s unstoppable when his mating period kicks in! Today, he’s in for sex even if it’s by force! And the other one’s too lewd for a beast that even a woman would be put to shame!?

    A planet called Serian, which believes to be a twin of Earth, is where human beasts Yagi and Okami live. They both entered high school and was sent out to an infiltration training together. They were once close with each other but now, there’s nothing but fights between them whenever they open their mouths.

    The story starts three days after they’ve arrived on earth prescribed with human shifting medicines and mating prevention pills. Incidentally, Yagi got into his period but his reactions were weird… Worried, Okami tried to talk it out with him but got pulled in and got his nape bitten!?
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Alpha ga Alpha wo Daku Houhou
    • Tokishiba
    • On Going
    • 3 chapters
    “Alpha” is a high-ranking official host club which only gathers alphas and specialises in leading gay partners. The No. 1 host, Ruca, and his cheeky underling, the No. 2 Leo, should be pairing up together with a regular, but…?!
    Updated: 2020-12-26