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Alice in Wonderland (Anthology)



Fantasy Shounen Romance
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Fantasy Shounen Romance

Alice in Wonderland (Anthology) Story

Also khown as:

Alice in Wonderland Anthology


コミックアンソロジー極 不思議の国のアリス Alice in wonderland


Comic Anthology Kiwami - Fushigi no Kuni no Alice

This anthology (about 200 pages) that features Alice in Wonderland-themed illustrations, comics, and one shots. Some are pretty hilarious, others slightly disturbing, others rather cute.
Cover Illustration by Mochizuki Jun
Illustrations by Komeyama Shiwo, Kuwahara Souta, Zuzuki Jiro, Akai Higasa
Comic 1 Second Year Middle School Girl, Alice by Marumikan
Comic 2 A Day with Father Carol by Yoshino Satsuki
Comic 3 Saito in Wonderland by Yuta Nohara
Comic 4 Wonder Land by Tanaka Hikaru
Comic 5 Hello, I'm a Trump Soldier by 966
Comic 6 Alice in the Chaotic Tea Party by Nishimatsu Oonari
Comic 7 Rabbit Love by 144
Comic 8 Alice in Wonderland by Banjou Azusa
Comic 9 That in Wonderland by Takata Yuuji
(Source: Fallen Syndicate)

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