• Alice in Wonderland (Anthology)
    This anthology (about 200 pages) that features Alice in Wonderland-themed illustrations, comics, and one shots. Some are pretty hilarious, others slightly disturbing, others rather cute.
    Cover Illustration by Mochizuki Jun
    Illustrations by Komeyama Shiwo, Kuwahara Souta, Zuzuki Jiro, Akai Higasa
    Comic 1 Second Year Middle School Girl, Alice by Marumikan
    Comic 2 A Day with Father Carol by Yoshino Satsuki
    Comic 3 Saito in Wonderland by Yuta Nohara
    Comic 4 Wonder Land by Tanaka Hikaru
    Comic 5 Hello, I'm a Trump Soldier by 966
    Comic 6 Alice in the Chaotic Tea Party by Nishimatsu Oonari
    Comic 7 Rabbit Love by 144
    Comic 8 Alice in Wonderland by Banjou Azusa
    Comic 9 That in Wonderland by Takata Yuuji
    (Source: Fallen Syndicate)
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Rabu Kare - Gokujou Men Dokuhon!
    From Evil Flowers:
    A compilation of 6 sweet stories about finding love and learning how to keep it.

    1) Karada no Iinari by SAKOU Watari
    Uika Tonoda and Kuniyoshi Hazama are very experienced when it comes to sex….in theory at least. They know every theoretical term about sex, pheromones and all sorts of things related, yet neither of them has ever experienced it for themselves. What will happen when these 2 meet? Will they be able to leave the talk aside and finally take action?

    2) Oni Kare by TSUKISHIMA Haru
    Wakaba Endou only wishes to finish her driving lessons soon so she can get a driver's license. Although she thought it will be easy at first, nothing is easy when the one who's teaching you is instructor Kenzaki. He complains about every small mistake that she does and won't give her any points in her lessons unless she does them perfect. Wakaba always complains about the fact that he's so strict, but at least he's good looking.

    3) Himitsu no Kinchan! by IWASHITA Keiko
    What would you say if you knew that objects can fall in love? Kin-chan is the most popular mannequin in a clothing shop. Everyone wants to wear the clothes she's showing and even though she's just a plastic doll one day Haruto saved her from falling on the floor when she was pushed by the many enthusiastic customers. Even since then Kin-chan is not like the other mannequins because she has fallen in love with a human. What will she do when Moai-sama will grant her the power to be a human for 3 days?

    4) Shuuren by MONOU Yuki
    Nishimura Inori (17 years old) has given up on being girly after enrolling into an all-girls school. Since they barely get to see any boys, she and her classmates are so to called “boy hungry”. Yet still, they kinda gave up on the idea. They end up going to a very boring school trip to Nara and are pleased to discover that in the neighborhood inn, there is another class renting the place at the same time, from an all-boy school. So, this is it, the girls last chance to seek love before going back to school.

    5) Rabu + Kuro Love&Clothes by TADA Manami
    Matsumi Katou is a normal 25 years old housewife. Lately her husband has stopped complimenting her and she's spending most of the time taking care of her child and never to take care of herself. When she hears that she'll need to go to a party together with her husband she realizes that she's got nothing more formal to wear. In her search for a piece of cloth that will fit her she ends up at Aoi's shop, a manager who puts the happiness of the client before the job to sell any cloth to anyone. Will Aoi manage to make Matsumi look beautiful for the party?

    6) Himikoi ~ Time Limit by Robiko
    It's her last semester of high-school and Mako realizes she hasn't done anything memorable in all her time spent here. So she starts skipping classes together with Yoshi and ends up spying on other couples instead of leaving her own love story. But love comes in many forms and even tough Yoshi doesn't seem to take an interest in her she's still determined to have her high-school romance memories, even if that means forcing him to date her.
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Arcana+ 02: Male Seniors
    1) 3つと3者の時間 - Time of Three Things & Three Persons
    2) 眠れる森の嘘つき王子と偽文学少女 - The Liar Prince & Fake Literature Girl of the Forest That Can Sleep
    3) 熱血ファンクラブ - Hot Blood Fan Club
    4) あまりの器 - The Container of Not Much
    5) 似せ者同士
    6) 追え!謎先輩
    7) 好きな人の、好きな人
    8) 仰げば春
    9) 学ランの先輩 - Gakuran no Senpai
    10) 先輩はヴァンパイア
    11) 綴じた花
    12) 殺し屋 赤頭巾~先輩との正しいつきあい方~
    13) 恋のミルクティー - Love's Milk Tea
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Houkago, Seifuku o Nui de
    Compilation of six adult love stories:

    1. Saikou Kanojo - KURUMATANI Haruko
    Everyone is afraid of Chisa's boyfriend - Masa because of his face. But he's actually a pretty nice boy...!?

    2. Yuuwaku Gokko - YUUHI Ryuu
    Sayuki, who's never had a boyfriend in the 16 years of her life, starts to go out with her grown-up, popular cousin Takumi...?!

    3. Iinchou no Himegoto - AIKAWA Saki
    Where Committee Chairman Ayano woke up this morning was in the bed of Yakuza-son Kagura! And also... in underwear only!?
    - I love you, so I wanna touch you - girls' sexual excitement - (first chapter of Iinchou no Himegoto)

    4. Setsuna no Chuushin - WATANABE Shiho
    The one who came near Chiri, who's fed up with only meeting her friends, was the one her friend liked, Eiji...

    5. Daytime wa Mayonaka ni - MITSUKI Miko
    Himeko must start working part-time to pay her school fees. She gets a job as a personal maid for a superrich, superhandsome young man. But what does he expect her to do!?

    6. Sokubaku Darling - YAGAMI Rina
    Aki went to bed with Sakamaki - the biggest playboy in school. He demands that Aki should be his girlfriend until his kiss marks vanish!
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Kimi to Kyun Koi, Shiyou.
    Five stories about sweet and painful loves.
    1. Kimi to Kiss Shitai. by Makino2. Sensei, Anone. by Haruki Saki3. Kanpeki☆Kareshi Kanojo by Miyoshi Maki
    4. Hoshigari na Honey ☆ by Kuramochi Mari
    5. Koi, Kakueki Teisha by Kitagawa Yuka
    Updated: 2020-12-26
    A collection of pure love stories.
    1. Sunaebo
    2. Sunaebo: Boy's Love
    3. Sunaebo: Antiq + Sad
    4. Sunaebo: Older
    Details on the chapter names can be found in more info.
    Updated: 2021-08-01
  • "Persona 4 The Golden" Adachi Touru Comic Anthology
    • Anthology
    • On Going
    • 3 chapters
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Kuroko no Basuke dj - Kurobasu + Kareshi - Host
    Collection of stories from different artists.

    * Wet Towel by avi
    * Jealousy by Haru
    * Champagne Tower by KANEKO Ako
    * White Day by Shiru
    * Heartbreak by MISU Rii
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Kaidan BL
    Cover by KOIWAZURAI Shibito
    A collection of stories:

    1) KOIWAZURAI Shibito - ?ある真夏の出来事? Aru Manatsu no Dekigoto
    2) Rocky - ?あなたは冷たい? You are Cold
    3) Kirima Moccori - ?美術室の悪夢? Nightmare of the Art Room
    4) Anmin - 「視えないモノ、募集中。」
    5) Fujiokayu -「ゆきずり」 Casual
    6) なかおか Nakaoka ? - ?君に逢いに? The eye on you
    7) Novel - Author: Aga Naomi, art: itz - 「電話と夢の夜」A Telephone and Dreams of The Night
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Persona 4 4koma Kings
    • On Going
    • 3 chapters
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Kuzu
    Cover OGAWA Chise

    1.) OGAWA Chise - Caste Heaven Bangaihen
    Special story from Caste Heaven, features two of the side characters.

    2.) SHIMURA Takako -「卒業」

    3.) Hideyoshico - Requirements for Being Trash
    This installment features some backstory for Koizumi (Gesu BL) and some "trash" guy.

    4.) YAMAMOTO Ataru -「律くん、ボクはね」


    6.) kanipan -「答え合わせ」

    7.) Purugaria - 「西園寺先生」

    8.) Niyama -「愛はかえるか」

    Additional Art by:
    En Chiyoko
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Party!
    Be careful what you ask for in life, you just might get it!
    Mamoru and Natsu are now dating after a long courtship. But just because they’re finally together doesn’t mean they can live happily ever after. Watch how things unfold between them and their friends at the university in this story of youth, friendship and (boys) love. (Source: DMP/JUNE)
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Anthology
    An anthology comic of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou by various mangaka.
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Kandou no Jun'ai
    It's Called Love is a romantic shoujo manga that consists of 5 short stories. Each story is done by a different author but in each you will experience the various expressions of love such as heartbreak, first kiss, etc.

    1) To Be Your Number One by Ayu Watanabe

    2) Sakura Tears by Keiko Suenobu

    3) Special by Ikeda Yukio

    4) Summer Love by Tsugumi

    5) The Force of Dreams by Harui Yuna
    Updated: 2021-08-25
  • Gensou Suikoden V: 4-Koma Manga
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Cinnamon: Jingai x Ningen Yuri Anthology
    Non-human x human yuri anthology
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Fate/Grand Order Comic Anthology
    Updated: 2020-12-26