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We Don't Know How To Make Love



Hot Mature
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Hot Mature

We Don't Know How To Make Love Story

Suzu Momose is a 28 year old and virgin. She has been in love with a handsome university student, Hoshina, who works part time in her department. Suzu wants to tell him how she feels before he graduates and gets a full-time job in the spring. Surprisingly, Suzu finds out Hoshina has liked her, too, but their first sex doesn't go well..."Are we sexually incompatible...?" It troubles Suzu, so her colleague Sasazaki tells her, "Why don't we practice?"

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  • Lily

    • Join date: 2022-08-14
    • Send date: 2022-08-14
    I think they can't have s*x because Hoshin's member is small and not wet enough to enter. It's important that both parties are aroused and wet to be connected to each other. When it is first time it will difficult to insert but just keep trying it will go in.