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Uwasa no Futari Story

Also khown as:

The Loudest Whisper: Uwasa no Futari


Uwasa no Futari




The Loudest Whisper


The Rumored Couple

First volume :
1) The Rumored Couple (Uwasa no Futari) (3 chapters) : Aoyama and Akabane, the president and vice president of the student council, are such a good match (in the slashy way) that there're rumors around that they're an item. Though both of them were supposed to be 'normal', everything gets complicated when Aoyama suddenly kisses Akabane saying it was an "experiment". As the experiment escalates, their hearts begin to flutter and their everyday life is turned upside down. If this goes on the rumour'll prove to be true... but is it really okay if things turn out this way?!
2) A Drug Against Unrequited Love
3) Hanamaru Lunch
4) The First Walk
5) The First Assistance
Volume 2 :
1) The Rumored Couple (Uwasa no Futari) (5 chapters)
2) Selfish Recipe
3) The Father's Diary
4) The Secretary's Diary
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