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The Peerless Soldier



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The Peerless Soldier Story

Also khown as:



The King of Soldier


Teasing Soldier


The Peerless Soldier

"The Peerless Soldiers" is a work based on the issue of a retiring soldiers to solve the problem of love and marriage. The communication soldier Jiang Cheng is forced to retired from the army under family pressure to marry someone. Jiang Feng decides to enter Tian Ai College as a physical education teacher and persue the four marriage targets designated by the family, along with some mishaps. The storyline is based on the retired soldiers Jiang Cheng and his quest to marry within 3 years, but as a Comando of the Elite Communication Officer Branch, things aren't as easy as normal daily life.
What will this sudden talented Comando do in daily ordinary love in search of marriage?

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