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Kimi no Mimi ni Kokuhaku Poster

Kimi no Mimi ni Kokuhaku



School Life Yaoi
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School Life Yaoi

Kimi no Mimi ni Kokuhaku Story

Also khown as:

Kimi no Mimi ni Kokuhaku




Whispered Confessions

“I like you, please go out with me”.
When I suddenly received a confession from the beautiful Tsukimura, I was surprised because we didn’t have anything in common. Then, I started receiving confessions via email every day. At first I thought he was just a weird guy, and as time went by, his emails kept coming. When I got the confessions, it’s not that was all I thought about. But by the 100th confession, the usually nice Tsukimura suddenly lashed out in a sexual assault!
(Source: Eternal Dream)

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