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Key Jack Story

Also khown as:

Hades - Lord of the Netherword


Meiou Hades


Love & Peace


Key Jack

Since he can remember, Mikuriya Aki has always been able to open any lock he wants. He uses this special ability to run an underground business, cold-heartedly stealing whatever his clients ask in exchange for a million yen each time. Among his acquaintances are Rin, a nun who can see through anything, Kanbayashi Mitsuhiko, a specialist at gathering information, and Kiwami Ryuutaro, a childhood friend and loan shark.
Also published in Vol. 1 and Vol. 3 are one-shots titled "Meiou Hades" and "Love & Peace". The first is about a boy who is involved in an accident and ends up prematurely in hell where he meets another mysterious guy with white hair and black eyes. The latter is about a substitute teacher who helps a student using her ability to visit the dreams of those sleeping near her.

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