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Gouin Dakedo Yasashikute Poster

Gouin Dakedo Yasashikute



Comedy Yaoi Shounen Ai
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Comedy Yaoi Shounen Ai

Gouin Dakedo Yasashikute Story

Also khown as:



Spicy but Sweet


Gouin dakedo Yasashikute


Forcibly but Sweetly

Taking care of his homeroom teacher, Wakasa-sensei, the kindhearted Kakeru is the only person who knows the outwardly charismatic teacher is in truth, a bully! Whenever they are alone, Kakeru tries unsuccessfully to evade Wakasa’s advancements. However, Kakeru couldn’t help noticing Wakasa’s tenderness at unexpected moments. And then, at the start of the 3rd year in high school, a new teacher from Wakasa’s past and a new student arrive.

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