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Diphylleia's Plan to Coup



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Diphylleia's Plan to Coup Story

Also khown as:

Diphylleia’s Plan to Coup


Kế hoạch đảo chính của Diphylleia


Diphylleia's Coup is Being Planned

Thao Vy, an 18-year-old girl in the spring of her youth, is the precious daughter of a bánh mi bakery on Bưởi Street. One night, while studying for her college entrance exam, she was suddenly transmigrated to another world after eating her mother’s homemade roasted-chicken sandwich!

What do you mean by a new mom and dad? A new biological older sister? An older twin brother?! A ritual? A school for nobles?!

This ridiculous situation brought her into a state of sorrow. From that moment onward, she’ll have to live in another body with another name: Diphylleia de Emboriel, the youngest princess of the glorious Emboriel Empire.

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