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C.M.B. Story

Also khown as:

C.M.B. Shinra Hakubutsukan no Jiken Mokuroku


C.M.B. 森羅博物館の事件目録



During the age of exploration and discovery, Europeans who explored the world far away bring home specimens yet unknown in Europe. Those aristocrats and explorers gathered their collection to be shown in a Wunder Kammer (Room of Wonders)
Then, a movement began to gather all those collections and open it to the world. This is the birth of the British Museum. In the 19th century, research on those collections begin. Mysteries of the world locked within the Wunder Kammer are revealed to the world with the light of science.
Queen Charlotte of England appointed three of the best researchers as the Three Wise Men. She bestowed upon them the title of knight, and the three rings of C.M.B. (Caspar, Melchio, Balthazar, the three wise men from the East who searched for Christ after his birth).
The rings grant the holder unlimited research funding and time as well as unrestricted access to all research related documents in any corner of the globe.
By tradition, the Three Wise Men would pass their rings onto their most promising apprentice.
Today, all the rings are in the hand of Sakaki Shinra, the previous Three Wise Men's foster son.
The boy awaits, hoping to present the amazing secrets hidden in the darkness of the Wunder Kammer.
But to see further, you'll have to pay for the entrance...

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