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Akuma to Dolce

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Akuma to Dolce Story

Also khown as:

Akuma to Dolce




Akuma to Doruche


Devil and Sweet

Ogura Mayuri is a loner in high school, with a pendant for cooking and magic that her mother taught her. She’s already summoned a little demon familiar to help her with baking and other small chores. But when she accidentally summons a high level demon named Beaut upon spilling tea on her skirt, he allows her to make one wish that he will grant. Mayuri wishes for the stain on her skirt to disappear in exchange for candy. The demon Beaut is outraged by the simple request, but the gets distracted by the smell of sweets - Beaut’s weakness. Mayuri now uses Beaut’s weakness to bind him to her and do her bidding.
(Source: Aerandria Scans)
This series is on hiatus.

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A: No, The entire site is fan-made.

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