• The Wild Beast in His Suit...
    Miyuki, a woman invested in her career, has a secret. That secret is that she used to be the leader of a local gang group. She kept that fact swept away, but Hiroyuki Yamashita, the most dull guy from work, some how figures it out…! “I’ll keep your secret away with you” he says that, and stirs me from the inside, almost as if he’s a different man!? His stamina and strength is way more powerful than expected… Everything feels so good…! Yamashita, who are you!?
    Updated: 2021-08-30
  • Finger Techniques of the Sexy Beast
    29-year-old and single, Shiori lives a boring life as a working woman. One day, she finds a good-looking man in a dumpster, and ends up letting him stay at her house. This strange man turns out to be a famous pianist who has been missing, Yu Tonogaki. He says to her, "I'll make you feel good for letting me stay," and touches Shiori's deep inside with his great finger techniques. As she drips the love juice, he licks the clitoris. Shiori experiences the orgasms that she has never felt before...
    Updated: 2021-08-01