• Jimi Joshi x Osekkai Danshi
    Sudai Takashi is an employee of a candy company. After three years, he is promoted together with his new co-worker Kobayashi Chikako. Kobayashi is a person who is not sociable, is dull and shy. She also hides her chest since that caused her some problems in the past. Sudai will try to change this negative girl, and maybe he will start to harbour some feelings for her along the way.
    Updated: 2022-02-02
  • Osananajimi ga Hisabisa ni Saikai Shitara Otagai Kyonyuu ni Natteta
    Shun-kun returns to his hometown, only to find that his childhood friend has become... rather well endowed... (Source: MU)
    Updated: 3 days ago
  • Saenai Riman to Yankee Joshi Kousei
    Yamada Hiroyuki is 26 years old, has a stable job, is an otaku, but is overwhelmed by the ideas and thoughts of his family, i.e. marriage and criticism over his childish hobbies. He decides to leave the house and go to live in an apartment, alone and happy, but the perfect image he had in mind when he moved in was destroyed when he learned that his neighbor is a yankee schoolgirl. However he soon discovers her real personalty is quite awkward and very tender. Will the story of these two advance for the better?
    Updated: 2023-03-06