• Kaitai
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    Updated: 2021-08-25
  • Afuresou na Pool
    • ISHIHARA Satoru
    • Complete
    • 33 chapters
    • Yaoi
    IRIYA Tetsuo was the nice, quiet kid that everybody knows. Until well-meant prodding on the part of HANADA Satoshi made him chose the 'easy' way out. He purposely failed the entrance exam to a good school, and picked fights so that he wouldn't have to be around Hanada anymore.

    The last thing he expected or wanted was for strong-willed KIZU Ryouji to show any interest in him. The sparks fly between the two, while Iriya's best friend KASUGA Ryouta watches jealously....

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    Updated: 2021-08-25
  • Yarouze!
    The story focuses on Kusanagi Sou -- a motorcyle racing enthusiast. Although enthusiast may be too soft a word. The boy is obsessed. One day Fuwa stumbles across him sleeping outside the school with bike magazines piled around. He strikes up a friendship in order to stay close to Kusanagi, and pretends that he knows all about bikes.
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    Updated: 2021-09-08
  • Kimi Shiruya
    From DMP:
    Katsuomi and Tsurugi are fierce rivals in the Japanese sport of fencing known as kendo. Their competitive egos and contrasting fighting styles clash, and yet Katsuomi gradually finds himself attracted to the keen, graceful Tsurugi. However, he hesitates to pursue his desire, fearing that doing so will surely give his foe Tsurugi the upper hand in competition. Although Katsuomi's love for his adversary soon becomes overwhelming, Tsurugi finds himself torn between reciprocating Katsuomi's love and maintaining his pride as a competitive rival. The competition intensifies into a love triangle when Tsurugi's young brother steps in to pursue the source of his brother's angst.
    Updated: 2021-08-25
  • Watashi no Kakurega e Douzo
    1) Venez chez Moi
    An interwoven set of 4 chapters + prologue that blend seamlessly together and yet have very different sets of men in each chapter.
    2) World Market
    A story invovling cock fighting and an eclectic mix of support cast as a writer learns how to make his stories stand out.
    3) Dancing in the Snow
    So wa Reirei no Yuki ni Mai side story
    4) Inhale and Exhale
    Two artists fill a void in one another's lives with their friendship, even as illness threatens them.
    5) Overflowing Swimming Pool
    Afuresou na Pool side story
    (from M-U)
    Updated: 2021-08-25