• Gakuen Basara
    1) Hot Blooded Basara Academy by sanorin

    2) The Basara Academy Field at Stake by Kyuugou

    3) A Little Introduction to Evil by Umeda Seika

    4) Youth Survivor Game by Yanagi Batoshiro

    5) Worlds Apart! Battle Reinforcements of Flowery Setouchi by Toriumi Mihoko

    6) A Fight for Justice! Protecting with this Hand by Arai Karo

    Cover Illustration by Nari
    Updated: 2021-08-25
  • K-On! Anthology Comic
    Other authors' interpretations of Kakifly's original K-ON! 4koma strip.
    "This is a K-ON! special. It consists of single-page 4-koma stories about K-ON! characters drawn by different mangaka."
    (Source: MU)
    Updated: 2021-08-25
  • Persona 4 the Golden Comic Anthology
    • On Going
    • 2 chapters
    Updated: 2020-12-26
  • Nemurenu Yoru no Monogatari
    [From Shoujo Magic]:

    This is a shoujo horror anthology, containing 9 stories.

    1) I Know Basketgore
    After loving Shouhei ever since her second year of middle school, Natsumi finally gets to go out with him.But then she starts getting prank calls telling her to break up with him.Then mysterious things start happening around her. Pots falling from windows, insects in her locker, glass shards in her towel. Are these just harmless pranks, or is someone truely out to get Natsumi?

    2) Labyrinth Maze of Memories
    "Forgive me!Don't kill me" Those are the words Honjou Kumi continues to hear in her nightmares.She lost all of her memories of the time before her accident, so she doesn't understand why the students stare at her and whisper.Pranks are pulled on her left and right.What is it that she doesn't remember?

    3) Best Friend
    Koyuki and Hiroyo are the best of friends.They've always chosen to be with each other.Hiroyo always listens to what Koyuki tells her to do, because she knows best.So when Kinoshita says that he's in love with Hiroyo, Koyuki doesn't believe him.She says the only way she will believe him is to go to the lecture room at 5:55pm to see the bleeding holy mother statue.Hiroyo tries to stop him, causing all three of them to see it.According to the rumor all the people who see the bleeding statue will all die.Things start happening, causing Hiroyo to be frightened.But only she is targeted.Could it be that Koyuki and Kinoshita are out to get her?

    4) The Neighbor's Doll
    Itsumi finds her neighbor, Yurika's, doll in the trash, so she decides to adopt it.She sets it out onto the balcony to dry and Yurika notices it there. She gets jealous because now it's all clean and cute.She gets her mother to get it back saying that it was thrown away by accident.After getting the dye on her shirt she says she only wanted it back so Itsumi couldn't have it.In the morning, the doll is sitting at Itsumi's door.However, Yurika claims she didn't put it there...

    5) Black Cat
    Sakura is a timid girl,unable to say no, so when she sees two classmates throwing rocks at a cat, she wants to stop them but can't.They tell her to join in or they'll tell everyone to ignore her.she throws a rock at the cat and runs away, hating herself for it.she goes back to check on the cat to find it dead from the rock she threw.An old lady tells her that the cat won't be able to rest in peace.Strange things start to happen around her, and the two other girls are dead, so will she end up dead too?

    6) Former Residents of Darkness
    Mihara Yuna and her family just moved into their new home.Not soon after she notices a figure standing in the doorway and she feels a cool gust of air,but the air conditioner isn't set up and it's the beginning of summer.Her father has started feeling unwell.She starts seeing the white shadow turning up in other places.And she hears voices saying to get out.Soon she hears from the real estate agent that the house is haunted that the whole family died in that house on the 29th of July.Any family that moved in died, and the day they moved in was July 28th.

    7) Last Request
    Mikoto and her childhood friend,Yamato are staying at her grandfather's temple which they use as a hostel.In Mikoto's room, she finds a doll.She is told that the doll is that of a dead child. She then prays for the child. She is woken up in the middle of the night by Ayano, the dead girl, asking for water.Then she continues to ask for more and more, gaining everything she wants.But then she wants Mikoto's life. Will she give it to Ayano?

    8) If You Turn The Page
    Emiri finds the notebook of her decease mother in her study, and decides to write horror in it.But then the events that she wrote about start happening around her.She knows she must stop writing in the notebook, but suddenly her arm is taken over and forcing her to write.People around her are starting to die, but how can she stop it?

    9) Red String
    Mayumi says that the red string tyed to her pinky is attached to her life long partner, Yuuya.And then, Yuuya is hit by a car at in intersection. But has the red string really been cut?
    Updated: 2021-08-26
  • Zero's Tea Time
    A Detective Conan spinoff featuring Amuro Tooru, a man of three faces - Bourbon, the Black Organization operative, Amuro Tooru, the private detective and Café Poirot waiter, and Furuya Rei, the NPA officer. Delve into his everyday life that no one's seen before!
    Updated: 2022-09-30
  • Konya mo Hitori de Nemurenai
    This is a collection of stories written by eight popular horror manga artists.
    1) Welcome to the World of the Picture-book by Arai Kiyoko
    Yuri hates her life. A strange picture-book appears and Yuri envies the girl in the story...
    2) I Want You Close by Oobayashi Miyuki
    Riko can see ghosts. She decides to help a boy ghost in her classroom. But then she finds out who he is...
    3) I See a Hen by Ono Eriko
    Etsumi always takes advantage of Mika's kindness. They have to care for the school hen, Ko-ko. Careless Etsumi forgets to lock the cage...
    4) Forest of Memory by Takamiya Satoru
    Tomori Asabika awakens in a strangely empty house. Then a boy dressed in black appears at her front door and helps her awaken memories--memories she doesn't want to recall...
    5) The Show-off Ghost by Kumazaki Shinko
    Amiri Kazuke and her Mystery Research Committee are aided by girl ghost Mamoka. Latest case: a mysterious molester on a train. Their lead: a boy ghost wearing a green raincoat...
    6) Message S.O.S. by Komuro Eiko
    Miyuu Fujiwara is excited with Ai, her new pen-friend. Ai is smart and caring. When she mets a guy that she dumped, Ai tells her to not go on the date, but Miyuu says that it will be alright. Later Miyuu finds out that she is being stalked. Will Ai be able to help her?
    7) Me Inside the Mirror by Kagari Junko
    Saitou has no friends. One day she passes by a mirror shop and the owner asks her if she wants a mirror. She says that she hates them since she always looks gloomy, but the owner tells her that he has what she needs.
    8) Doll Shop by Yamada Sakura
    Meg wants to look beautiful like the other girls in her class. One day she passes by the park and mets a beautiful girl, who tells her that they should both go to the "Doll Shop"
    Updated: 2020-12-26